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Live-Metal.Net: Lyrically, you guys seem to have strong beliefs and stances on current events and the state of the world. I know it’s hard to narrow down, but what do you think is the biggest problem going on in the world today?

Karl Fieldhouse (Gitarist): The biggest problem in the world is that there is a cold-hearted, ruthless global elite of super wealthy, super powerful people, that is hellbent on gaining control over each and every resource and human on the planet. They force governments to fall, significant events that lead to wars, and big crisis. And they will not stop until they have their New World Order established. Their clamp down on our very freedom is a very crucial statement to what they fear most; us, the people, the masses. If we can get rid of the Wall Street mafia, we get rid of a lot of trouble. Wars, hunger, disease … there are solutions for all these things, easily. No one I know wants them. Why are they still there? COs. These people make money with them and use them to control people. It’s sick, but true…
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dazu diese Cover Symbolik

dazu diese Cover Symbolik

Und die Tracklist vom Album Survival zeigts auch noch mal ganz deutlich:

  1. Sound of Survival
  2. State of Mind
  3. Sons of a Dying World
  4. Wolves Are Loose
  5. Never Die
  6. Final Collapse
  7. Endgame
  8. Zeitgeist
  9. Hydra
  10. Zero Hour
  11. Under False Flag

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