The “lets downvote bullshit on Youtube” Project

Guys, i am really getting sick of what some paranoia plagued people are posting on youtube.

I just stumbled on this Video, yet another one claims Alex Jones is a Jesuit and a Knight of Malta. The worst part on this is that it actually come from a wearechange group. WeAreChange is largely supported by and i am sad to see this stuff over and over again. A 40 Minutes Video witch starts with trying to prove its Bullshit claims with just the fact that infowars don’t reports on things they want. I could not stand the whole Video. If you think like me please go to youtube and dislike this videos.

And if u have other Videos submit them here, share this site and lets downvote stuff. Videos which try to prove that some famous persons in the Truth Movement are part of some evil blood drinking satanic order, or just any Topic you like but it should have something Truth Movement related. It may be just some Video of a one mainstream media whore outlet spreading lies. We may want to comment on videos and channels as well.

Suggested Videos

Name Likes Dislikes
Alex Jones, the Knights of Malta, and the Jesuits 40 26
Top 5 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Debunked 1072 790
Alex jones exposed satanic hand gestures and illuminati card game 19 28
The Alex Jones Deception (Part 1 of 13) 200 387
David Icke Debunked (Full Movie) 1346 3530

Submit suggestions here please

they will me reviewed by me before showing here

Any Youtube URL, Embed Code, ID or Channel URL should work

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