Gentleman - Leave us Alone
Gentleman - Leave us Alone lyrics
Some bwoy must be sick ina dem head
Burn down bridges and build walls instead
And a pier badness dem spread
But me know that one day pon Babylon it ago dread

Leave us alone
Everything we build up see dem want trample down
Da one without a sin hafi cast the first stone
dem can’t do it at all-no-dem ina dread man zone

Da one ya name another riot
Babylon - we spot dem up pon dem slim fast diet
Dem want kill we tune dem want we quit
But we ago slue dem dis time like David slue Goliath
Dem take the maximum and then give we the minor
And Babylon have dis ya world upon a timer
Fi all these guns and all these wars dem a the designer
we brok Berlin down now we brok China


Fi go diss Jah righteous youths you make a mistake
Now the mark is upon you: you just can’t escape
And you seeking now and when and where to my grade
But Jah is wathching you above the high grate
None a your daughters nor your nees could ever be my date
Ina your conference ina your fear you uuh see my face
Can’t make no leggo beast come tek my place
You nuh go see me ina no disgrace


You a do your thing and me a do mine
I a chant and sing you a do crime
chanting pages of reality you a do ryme
you spread me name over the internet but to me that is fine
But still dem can’t stop Jah youths from shine
Jah Jah light it shine so bright it can be seen by the blind
We plant the seed and watch it get nutered by time
And put some love ina hearts of mankind


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