Non Phixion

Non-Phixion - The C.I.A. Is Trying To Kill Me

Non-Phixion - The C.I.A. Is Trying To Kill Me Lyrics

[Ill Bill]
Non-Phixion be the real hip hop
We make you wanna kill cops
Cats hatin, ’cause they know I finga they girls twats
You feel helpless, real jealous, we killed Elvis
I shot Reagan with the help of the secret service
Super double agent, shoot your mother with my brothers favorite
12 gauge waving, aimin at your brain, strange universe, I’m too famous
Leaving the murder scene blameless, drug entertainment
Thugs that’ll blaze with laser guns
Saying what I wrote, you feel what I feel
They see the same picture
We made a biscuit do the talk and it became richer
Nobody gets a record deal, you gotta take that shit
Treat the record label like a slut, then rape that bitch
I keep it simple for these stupid cats
Claiming you the facts, but in reality, you a trap
Jesus Christ was a gangsta rapper
They killed him then he came back and made a platinum album
The path that travels like the dragon shadow
Invisible to CIA camera angles
They got a file on every rap group
They killed the last man that had proof
They after me for information that I have too

I’m paranoid, tell me what the fuck they asked you
You fuck around with me and Im’a have to blast you
The CIA tryna kill me, we bad news
Get the fuck up out my way when I pass through
I’m paranoid, tell me what the fuck they asked you
You fuck around with me and Im’a have to blast you
The CIA tryna kill me, we bad news
Fuck around with Non-Phixion thats a bad move

[Sabac Red]
Symbolisms, socialism’s live life lead, learn
Struggle war whole drug fiends, the white house burn
Sex, pain, fear, freedom love, young guns be shootin
Genocide, revolution, lost souls, prostitutin
Military confrontation, safe sex, and masturbation
Peace to all the homeless people livin in the train station
Project war, spill the one verse four
Lock the door, burn the disc now everybody hit the mutha fuckin floor
They bustin out a blunt for this shit
I’m number six on they list next to kiss and marley’s kids
Cause I run wit Asians, Latinos and Black fists
5 percent is caucasians thugs who live communist
They broke in my house, planted bugs in ma lamps and my couch
They after me, what? Let me find out
I’m not havin it, My rap attract the service like a magnet
The bastards gettin under like crowded parties wit no laminents
If Im’a die, Im’a die bustin and strugglin
I’m hostile for the people, fuck them devils and corruptions
Nuttin for nuttin, and if somehow they do
They ID me due to my tattoo


Projects for straight jackets, electric shock states
A rock could fall out, traded for royalty rates
Get ya drink on, we build the bombs, spit in ya face
Smart to change cars like cruise the block I do it for chase
Nice spite work, the fancy knife work
Hit to Chirst Non-Phixion striking prison Ice shirts
I paid dues, nothin to lose, Steady bustin off weapons In 2′s
When I come home I be smellin shit and furnitures moved
Eat a slug, take some weight off, I lit it so real
I do this for the dead, rest in peace I’m holdin you near
Makin on time, 12 years we on tour we blow you back off
Support cats that jack the car seats and tear ya scalp off
Soldiers of merits, inherited for way back
Cyanide in bullets, so I should follow my stats
We too futuristic, thugs to robots, experiments
Four point restraint and my hyper cube on medicines
Pain Veterans, crippling souls
Its gettin bigger now the information runnin the globe
Its just my mechanics, either wit a gat or xanax
Why spread panic until the sabbath?


Non Phixion - Black Helicopters

Non Phixion - Black Helicopters Lyrics

-Ill Bill-
At the time of his life a capitalist with a communist wife
Started to fight and did to cats what God did to Christ
Hardly the type to give garbage advice
He was larger than life
He penetrated the roof of your car with a spike
Trained by an insane ex marine
CIA trained a renegade assassin android
Passport pilot to black helicopter choppers over Bosnia
Sniffed so much coke nose is fucked up and bled alot
For all ya’ll bystanders baggy ass jeans to hide ya banga wranglers
Thugged the fuck out hang with bash in ya face gat gangsta’s
The governments these other kids it’s like a drug abyss
That sucked a hundred dicks its yo party the crowd great
Plus the hooker lies great sniff another line to get ya mind straight
Pull out the nine and start shooting people
Money ain’t the root of evil it be much more than that
America taught me how to kidnap and torture cats
Chorus: repeat 2X
Exit the stargate initial perception quickens my heart rate
This dark place planet Earth orbits one star
Come from afar far away state of mind
Open up your 3rd eye Black Helicopters in the sky
I need G’s so I can jet easier
My crib tapped I suspect Ether
Thats why I’m out of touch with the media
Undercovers like Pete Seiger
I couldnt tell neither
Watchin the projects with a van of speakers
Peepin how my kids rest bangin my wiz for hours
Surveillance tapes us in the King’s Plaza even got us after hours
Drug party’s golden showers on the floor shiksa
Work for the FBI so anytime I might whisper
My scary team be like barely clean rockin Israeli jeans
Thats why I mostly heard and rarely seen
Realization so much urgency
Can’t escape history’s pen I be the worst of me (*echoes*)
Chorus 2X
This cop bring the city hoppa like a rocka with binoculars
Said that we were imposters and impetuous government agent
From another nation and said we had the proper information
About the aliens vegetarians devil scenarians
These are civilized Barbarians we fuckin bury them
Baraza said ya pussy blood clot got you shot
I’m like fuck this I’m blowin up spots this shit is hot
We know about the plan from the projects and contraband
Drop bombs on Brazil so you can kill and conquer land
You drug trafficking your new creation for disease
To control the population and the states of overseas
Put poison in the weed and the milk we feed our seeds
You looked shocked that Sabac could know the plots to all of these
Took his glock lift a shot when the bastard wasn’t lookin
Threw him out then the monster flew the chopper back to Brooklyn
Chorus 2X

Non Phixion - Illuminati

Non Phixion - Illuminati Lyrics

-Ill Bill-
Yeah, yo bottles of liquor smashed
Confrontational a nation full of devilish fools
Follow the massive devil plantational
patch is disaster, cash laced cripples your visuals
We bringin weapons, they put metal detectors in the schools
And the shoes, the bare-nickel student sparkin wools
Crown Heights militant, {?} rockin tools
Ayatollah, scholar of Torah, dutch master roller
Utilize the solar, to kill the treaty of Erona
Government documents effect the occupents of projects
We come together, buildin with Muslims durin soundchecks
Tradin methods of revolutionary thought
A bunch of terrorists since eighty-six and still we never been caught
Yo, I keep the Secret Service nervous
Federal agencies be suckin surveillance out of my phone circuits
I’m careful, keep my conversations encoded
They’ve been stressin me ever since that Federal buildin exlpoded
Molotov cocktail, tossin bringer of sorrow
We linger in the Brooklyn borough, where there’s no tomorrow
Certified on rugged terrain, military
Shootin up your embassy, kidnappin your dignitaries, WHAT

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