Studiopress Genesis Framework 1.7.1 with 40 Themes free download

I noticed that Studiopress and other Premium theme devs distributing Themes for 80$ (Theme with Framework). Since this is the first time i see something like that in the Open Source Community an really think $80 for some Theme is overkill price. And i think its kinds of strange. I think there are many people who dont get the GPL. Well i got something wrong there too.

Imagine the Mozilla Guys or the VLC team would come up one day and Charge $80 for this great peace of software. Strange taught isn’t it? I mean i probably would pay like $50 for FF maybe Because i love it and its hard very complex c++ coding. But a WordPress Theme? They reapeat and repeat “its hard work” yeah it is but its not that hard. Templates hooks for php/wordpress and all the css u can copy and paste from the Web there are well knows Techniques used and its not that kind of innovation. You can get almost the same from theme Frameworks like Thematic. I am not saying that this is easy to do and they sure did a lot of work but i don’t think it justifies $80!

Anyway i started a discussion about this at the wordpress forums. And a mod there claims its stealing to copy GPL software

Its not! And now i am offering you a choice!
Get the Genesis Framework for unbelievable high prices at Studiopress:
$80 with only one Theme
$60 for only the Framework
$299.95 for all Themes

Or you can download it for free here now. Its legal! And u can do whatever you like with GPL software.



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