Thumbnails for Excepts fix for moved index.php

I had problems with the Thumbnail for Excerpts - plugin. I guess i figured it out.

I have moved my index.php

<-wordpress install

So if you have the same problem with the plugin and it is not creating the thumbs and just displaing the images shrinked with the Browser or give you error messages or something. Here is what you need to do:

Replace all “wp_content” in the plugin code with
yourwordpressinstallfolder/wp_content“. In my Case this was “peace/wp_content” and all is working fine now.

I think there are 5 edits in the File. I hope I could help.


  1. Ryan Rowell says:

    Also another tweak to make is on line 128, change the ‘gd’ to use gd2 if its supported. gd errors at png files.

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